Fight Night Charlotte: Jacare vs. Brunson 2

Charlotte, N.C. played host to UFC’s Fight Night, touting a rematch of eighth ranked Derek Brunson and third ranked Jacare Souza as the main event, but Fili and Bermudez would provide the most exciting exchange of the evening.

#3 Jacare vs. #8 Brunson

This middleweight bout featured two top fighters in the class, with meaningful implications for both: a win for Jacare would move him one step closer to title contention and a win for Derek Brunson would exact revenge from the pair’s previous battle.  Brunson came out more reserved than his last fight with Jacare; both fighters spent some time calmy sizing each other up.  Jacare attempted a takedown on Brunson, he resisted successfully, only moments later to receive a right leg kick from Jacare to the dome – Derek stumbled back and Souza charged in to polish off Brunson with a flurry of punches before the referee stopped the fight, declaring Jacare winner by knockout.

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#12 Dennis Bermudez vs. Andre Fili

Round 1: Fili (blue shorts) managed to surprise Dennis “The Menace” Bermudez (white shorts) with successful takedowns and aggressive punching.  Coming into the fight Bermudez had proven himself to be a prolific takedown artist, but Andre “Touchy” Fili (fantastic moniker!) turned the tables and was able to get Bermudez on the canvas consistently.

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Round 2:  Dennis Bermudez continued to pepper Fili’s shins with kicks and when locked up, Bermudez drove his knee into Andre’s abdomen before breaking apart.  When Bermudez attempted kicks, Fili countered with more aggressive takedowns.

Round 3:  Andre Fili landed a hard left kick, but the momentum stopped when an attempted knee drive by Dennis Bermudez crunched Fili’s nether region, haulting the fight for a breather.  The clash continued with Bermudez investing in more low shin kicks and some elbows during stand-up clinches.

Both men were left standing at the end, so it was up to the judges to decide. The end resulted in a split decision win for Fili!  Both fighters were aggressive and working punches, but the judges favored Fili’s ability to take Bermudez to the mat over the shin kicks landed by Bermudez.

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