Wayne Dyer: Your Erroneous Zones

Wayne Dyer’s Your Erroneous Zones is one of the best excuse eradicating books in the self-help market.  Dyer systematically dismantles all our well constructed defenses that we use to avoid the hard work of self-improvement.  Light bulb moments abound, whether it’s applied towards yourself or someone you rub elbows with – the material is incredibly insightful.

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The insightful ability to identify and obliterate destructive excuses makes Your Erroneous Zones worth reading.  Just keep in mind that Dyer does not subscribe to absolute truth.  In his understanding, you construct what is right and wrong for you, based on what makes you feel good.  If an imposed value from society or the religious community creates distress, you are to cast it aside and be a free thinker.

The perfect law of God is impossible to fulfill, that’s why Christian’s cling to Jesus – He fulfilled the law and gives us His righteousness through faith.  Dyer is missing the value of the law’s role in leading us to recognition of sin and need for a Savior.  It might appear convenient to change the rules to something we can attain, but putting our heads in the sand for relief from guilt is a death sentence.  Just ignore Dyer’s advice to shrug off any rules you violate and repent to the Lord instead.