by Alex Van via Pixabay

Fury is an effective war movie depicting the atrocities of war and the depth of comradery.  Brad Pitt portrays ‘Wardaddy’ the gritty tank leader battling Nazis in WWII.  His band of men return to camp one man down and receive a fledgling army typist played by Logan Lerman.  A poignant interaction comes when Pitt and Lerman talk about getting home.  Pitt’s character explains a whole lot more people have to die before it’s over.  ‘Wardaddy’ understands the harsh reality that the killing won’t stop until someone wins.  It might as well be his collection of men.

Shia LeBeouf turns in a great performance as Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan, the Christian member of the group.  LeBeouf’s portrayal of faith provides fascinating ground for discussion, such as “Does Jesus love Hitler?”  Fury doesn’t fully mine these concepts but they provide a greater scope to the film.


If you enjoy war movies Fury is worth a watch.  LeBeouf and Lerman provide captivating performances and the religious themes are prominent enough to elevate Fury past a simple action flick.