If You Donut Pay Attention To Phrases, You Should

Photo by Audrey Fretz on Unsplash

I recently moved, which I mentioned in my post about voting, and I’m getting acquainted with my new surroundings.  As an avid reader, I turn to the newspaper.  Yes, a real piece of paper with ink on it.  No – I’m not 87 years old, I just like the feel and smell of newspapers.

While skimming through the various sections, an interesting article about the local police department pops onto my radar.  This is a good time to mention my best friend from childhood is a police officer.  The job is thankless, increasingly dangerous, and often requires officers to view humanity at its worst.  I do not belittle the authority or task of police officers, but I did get a laugh when I saw this write-up.


That’s right – you can count on cops for donuts and coffee.  A number of different things could have been said: “Refreshments will be served” for example, but no, we had to go there.  Kick the sleeping police dog and wake up the old stereotype.  This is a lighthearted example of what happens when you don’t consider the connotations phrases carry.