It’s Time to Adjust Your Blog

Woman fine tuning a motorcycle Photo by Jia Ye on Unsplash

In December of 2018 I paid 96 bucks to buy my domain name with a WordPress account and started The Sullivan Spin. When I started I simply wanted to create accountability that would encourage me to write regularly. What better option than a blog?

I did my research in preparation for the launch of my blog. Repeatedly sources said, “Do not write about everything. Find a niche and focus on it.”

My mind’s response to that advice…

I did not take heed. I’m a well-rounded individual. Don’t fence me in. I like lots of things! I can write about them all. Or so I thought…

Three Reasons You Really Shouldn’t Write About Everything

It Won’t Happen: A Story of Zero Passion and Limited Time

I started out as an eager beaver, ready to chomp down a forest of topics. Nothing is off limits for The Sullivan Spin! That sounds hardcore but the truth is I underestimated the reality of time constraints. I’m a husband and father with a full-time job. My available writing time is limited, I never write about things that aren’t my passion.

It’s tempting to include topics that are interesting and helpful to you personally, but if you don’t have the passion or expertise to contribute to the topic let sleeping dogs sleep, lie, or lay there.

Minimalism (only possessing essential items) is a great example of this for me. I grew up in a hoarding family, one that could actually be on a TV show because the mess is so severe. Concepts from the minimalism movement have really, really helped me improve the quality of my life.

I was positive minimalism could be worked into a Christian worldview and find a place at my blog. So far I’ve only managed to re-blog two other articles in 13 months. No real passion there.

I still haven’t deleted the minimalism category because I think it could be a nice component of The Sullivan Spin and it would help me process the changes I’ve made toward minimalism. Can you tell I’m conflicted?

Help me out, cast your vote: If I get ten comments before March ends requesting posts about minimalism the category survives. If not…DELETED. Let your voice be heard!

Vastly Different Topics Confuse Your Audience

I knew my blog had a problem when I posted about lessons deer teach us in the scripture and followed it up with a post about the NBA Finals. I determined that most of my readers were interested in spiritual things and that’s because most of my writing incorporated Biblical perspective. When I threw in a post about the NBA Finals or the upcoming NFL draft it hit the ground like a lead balloon. Sports have been deleted. I started a new blog called Apathetic Sport Report, but it’s like taking out a loan from the mafia to pay your house mortgage – you’re living on borrowed time. It goes back to my first point, there only so many minutes of writing time and I’ve discovered I don’t gravitate to sports topics.

There you have it, advice that I’m still not able to follow myself. Let me know your thoughts? What advice have you spurned only to find out it was good advice? Did you notice any changes to The Sullivan Spin that I didn’t mention?