Christians Trust a Triune God. What Does That Mean?

Confused by the Trinity? Crucial Productions talks about how we can think of a Triune God. Photo by Viswanath V Pai on Unsplash

Some things scare me: creepy flying rodents (bats), porcelain dolls, and theology I don’t understand. Christians trust in a big, complex God – a triune God. Understanding the Trinity has intimidated and eluded me throughout my biblical studies.

If you run into a bat or porcelain doll, I can’t help you…

However, there is a solution for learning more about the Trinity. . Peter Slayton (My brother-in-law) of Crucial Productions has an awesome podcast that wrestles with complex biblical concepts.

This episode explores the Trinity and has fun doing it. I highly encourage you to set aside 40 minutes and join the conversation.

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