You Can Podcast for FREE!

Podcasting is an app away with! Photo by Tommy Lopez on

It finally happened…I found a way to podcast for free!

That’s right, totally free. I’m not getting paid for this post (who makes money blogging anywho..?) – I’m simply overjoyed to have a user-friendly way to make and store a podcast for free. Did I mention this is free?

I recently stumbled upon Anchor, which enabled me to create my first ever podcast. If you have access to a smart phone you can make podcasting magic today!

Here’s my first ever podcast…

I post it here because I share part of my testimony in the pilot episode, and if you are a long time follower of The Sullivan Spin you may remember a “sports” category existed when I first began. Eventually I decided to separate sports topics into Apathetic Sport Report because I thought writing about the Holy Trinity in one post followed by a post on the NFL draft was scattered and confusing to my readers.

Anyways. I hope you enjoy my podcast and I hope you are encouraged to start your own. Why not? It’s free!